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News Update of August 12, 2013:

   August 12, 2013 -- WND Editorial by conservative Christian journalist Mychal Massie: "It's Time To Admit Obama Is A Communist"

    The black Christian conservative & political activist Mychal Massie writes -- "The media refuse, and the Republican Party is either too afraid or complicit (and I think it is more the latter), to call Obama what he is. Obama is a neo-Leninist communist, and it is time we not only understand that, but call him that. The proof is undeniable.

   "People, specifically the talking heads who routinely appear on Fox News Channel programs, are ever ready to argue Obama doesn’t understand the economy and that leads him to make the poor economic decisions that he does. I contend that it isn’t that he doesn’t understand the economics and capitalism; it’s that the American capitalist system offends him based on his true political ideology.

   "His intentions, along with the intentions of the people he has surrounded himself with, are to destroy the American capitalist system and usher in communism. This is precisely the reason he has gone to such transpicuous lengths to foment racial discord. Doctrinally, he believes that revolution is the means through which the American capitalist system will be destroyed and replaced with a socialist state."

   August 12, 2013 -- WND Editorial by Christian lawyer Larry Klayman: "Obama's Mein Kampf"

    Lawyer Klayman writes -- "Having been caught with his hand in the NSA cookie jar, the 'spymaster in chief,' Barack Hussein Obama, shamelessly and deceitfully used his press conference of last Friday to effectively appear to embrace the so-called leaks of whistleblower Edward Snowden – who he obviously would like to see disappear – and conjure up what is not only an opportunistic but also a faux review of the spook agency’s surveillance on over 300 million Americans.

    "And, after having committed a number of 'phony scandals' from Fast and Furious, to Benghazi-gate, to Navy SEAL-gate, to IRS-gate, to Birth Certificate/Eligibility-gate, to now NSA-gate, all of a sudden the neo-national socialist Führer develops a newfound appreciation for the rule of law and respect for our Constitution. How convenient given the boiling caldron of criticism, even from some elements of the left, that Obama now finds himself. In effect, Obama’s subterfuge is nothing more than a clever ruse, taking a page from Hitler prior to his rise to power, to fool the citizenry that it is safe at the hands of his corrupt administration."

   August 8, 2013 -- WND Editorial by Judge Andrew Napolitano: "America's Soviet-Style Police State"

    Judge Andrew Napolitano writes -- "Since Snowden’s June 6 revelations about massive NSA spying, we have learned that all Americans who communicate via telephone or the Internet (who doesn’t?) have had all of their communications swept up by the federal government for two-plus years. The government initially claimed that the NSA has gathered only telephone numbers and billing data. Now we know that the NSA has captured and stored the content of trillions of telephone conversations, texts and emails, and can access that content at the press of a few computer keys. All of this happened in the dark, with the permission of President Obama, with the knowledge and consent of fewer than 20 members of Congress who were forbidden from doing anything about it by the laws they themselves had written, and based on secret legal arguments accepted by a secret court that keeps its records secret even from the judges who sit on the court."

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Update of August 7, 2013:

   On The Heresies Of "Liberal Christianity," Of "Liberal Theology," And Of "Christian Utopianism"

(Parts One,Two, and Three of The Anticipated Four Parts)

Part One:

   A radical-liberal "Christian" who has become a socialist, a Marxist, and an Islam-sympathetic revolutionary...? Merely a victim of "black liberation theology" (a.k.a. "Marxist indoctrination") who has become a utopian socialist? Or maybe-- something else, maybe something slightly different and highly unusual. Perhaps instead... maybe... the ordinary end-result of countless years of Marxist communist indoctrination (largely from American colleges and universities) and his Unitarian Universalist upbringing in the state of Hawaii?

   What has happened to the presidential candidate who in 2008 told Rev. Rick Warren and the entire nation (via TV) that he was "a Christian" and that he "prays to Jesus every night"? Yet in 2007, Mr. BHO had told a female interviewer (a journalist writing a religion column for a newspaper) that he didn't believe God would send millions of people to Hell for believing in other religions...! And today, he is widely regarded as "the most anti-Christian president" ever to hold office in the entire history of U.S. presidents...!

   Is it possible that the man the Democrats elected to the highest office in the U.S. should actually be discerned more as a utopian "Unitarian Universalist" than as "a Christian"...? Should Mr. Obama thus be recognized more accurately as a person who is not actually "a closet Muslim"... and yet should not be regarded as any normal variety of "Christian" either...?

   For nearly 5 years now, conservative Christians & pastors all across the U.S. have been speaking out and trying to warn their congregations that Mr. Barack Hussein Obama is not only "the most pro-Muslim president" but also "the most anti-Christian president" in the long history of the United States. Rev. Dr. Jack Van Impe (of TV fame) and Rev. Ken Graves in Maine (also of TV fame) are merely two of the many pastors who have openly called the Democrats' president-- who somehow won election in 2008 and got re-elected in 2012-- "the most anti-Christian president ever" in the long line of U.S. presidents.

   We won't argue against that belief here, because the truth of the statements made by others should be self-evident to all Bible-believing Christians. Mr. BHO is surely the most anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-Bible, anti-Israel president the nation has ever endured… surely far worse even than former president Bill Clinton. He's also the most pro-socialism and pro-Marxism president ever, and Marxist Communism is also an "anti-Christian and anti-Bible" false-religion… so we shouldn't be too surprised if he leans a lot more toward atheism, humanism, and evolutionism than toward any small sympathy he might have for the Christian religious faith.

   The liberal Democrats who control all of the U.S. mass media, some time back, put Obama's face on the cover of "Newsweek" magazine (or was it "Time"?) and over his head was floating a rainbow-like halo, as the supposed "news" mag declared Mr. Obama to be "America's First Gay President." WND's conservative magazine "Whistleblower" then responded with an alternative cover of Obama's face, and this time, floating over his head was a different kind of "halo," one that was comprised of a "star-and-crescent" symbol-- a sign indicating that Mr. B. Hussein Obama has sided with all of the world's Muslim supremacists-- and that cover declared BHO to be instead "America's First Muslim President."

   Christian lawyers like Larry Klayman, Stephen Pidgeon, Phyllis Schlafly, David Limbaugh, and Matt Barber-- along with countless other Christians in the US-- have now realized and written about the fact that Mr. BHO is not only "the most anti-Christian president" in the historical line of U.S. presidents... he's also "the most Islam-sympathetic president ever." And many persons all over the US have been speculating that Mr. Obama is actually "a closet Muslim" who only pretended that he had become a Christian in order to get himself elected to the highest office in the land. And that could well be, considering his positions on federal funding of easy abortions (both in the US and internationally), his strange support for sexually immoral lifestyles, his fondness for Islamic Marxists, his multitude of Marxist Muslim relatives, etc.

   But in light of BHO's Unitarian Universalist upbringing in Hawaii… and in light of the preponderance of Unitarian Universalist and Marxist professors that have dominated Harvard University for many years… there is yet another possibility to be considered. You see, Mr. BHO may in fact be mostly just a product of his many years of cultic indoctrination in two very similar cults… one in Hawaii, and one in Chicago. In Hawaii, like his Unitarian Universalist mother before him… and like his Unitarian Universalist white grandparents… the young BHO for years made frequent visits to a radical-liberal Unitarian Universalists cult gathering, a pseudo-church congregation that was a weekly meeting place for the most liberal socialists and Marxists of Hawaii.

   Unitarian Universalists are very much like the Sadducees of ancient Israel in some respects. They are basically secular humanists who (like a lot of "liberal theology" persons today who still dare to call themselves "Christian") do not accept any concept of supernatural miracles, of supernatural angels, or of any supernatural intervention in worldly affairs by a Father YHWH God worshipped in ancient Israel... nor do they believe in a future "resurrection of the dead" for all believers. That much is just like the humanism-equivalency in the so-called "faith" (calling themselves "religious" while still being total secularists in their perspective) of the Sadducees that once existed in ancient Israel.

   Like the Sadducees of ancient Israel, Unitarian Universalists are basically nothing more than secular humanists. And like the Sadducees, the Unitarian Universalists are the biggest hypocrites of all. Like Humanists, the Unitarian Universalists have chosen to believe in Evolution, and have made Evolution the central focus of their "faith"-- rather than the Holy Scripture of our Judeo-Christian Bible. The minority-view cultic perspective known as "the Unitarian Universalists" exists today only as a peculiar anti-Bible and non-Trinitarian cult-movement which tries to pretend that it is "religious," when in reality, all they actually have going is a weekly gathering of totally secular humanists...!

   Unitarian Universalists do not accept the idea of the Divinity of Jesus Christ... the idea that Jesus/Yeshua was actually God The Son and "the Only-Begotten Son" of Father God YHWH, conceived by supernatural means and given birth through the virgin of ancient Israel named Miriam (a.k.a. Mary). Just so you get informed-- we must tell you that Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses ALSO refuse to accept the idea of a Divine Trinity & they all reject the Trinitarian God of Christianity. That's why ALL THREE of these movements are classified as "cults" and not as "Christian churches." All 3 of these cults reject the idea that Jesus was either God Incarnated, or miraculously God The Son appearing on the planet Earth embodied in a human form.

   That's why all 3 of these are properly regarded as Christian-heresy-based cults, and why none of their members and adherents should ever be elevated to the title of "Christian."

   Unitarian Universalists, however, also insist there is no such thing as a "Hell," and they further believe that, if there is any Heaven at all, then surely persons of all religions (whether Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, or anything else) will ultimately end up going to Heaven without ever having to "believe" in Jesus Christ as the only source of human salvation.

   The Unitarian Universalists' idea of "a heaven-on-earth" is of course that of a secular utopia which might conceivably exist in future years on the Earth... one which "respects" all religions as equally invalid, awarding the merit of Absolute Truth to none of our planet's many religions.

   Please note that Protestant Christian churches in the U.S. have for many decades classified all Unitarian Universalist associations as "a cult," and not any kind of Christian denomination. Their weekly meetings are properly to be regarded as "cult-gatherings"… and not as any sort of "church" meetings. The liberal "theology" of the Unitarian Universalists entices toward their atheistic meetings all sorts of super-liberals in any given location or vicinity.

   Later, when Mr. BHO was attending the so-called "church" he frequently visited in Chicago, he was again being misdirected by a "cult leader," the (reportedly) white-hating, America-hating Rev. Jeremiah Wright… Mr. Obama was again being indoctrinated by "a cult leader" who was much more sympathetic to liberalism than to Biblical truth… one favoring "black liberation theology" (a.k.a. "social justice" or Marxist socialism) and doubtless, he just bought further into the socialist-Marxist ideology that is held in common by all Democrats and all leftists. Mr. Obama has since stopped attending the "church services" of that socialist pastor… and (reportedly) he has very rarely attended any church services at all in the more than 4 and 1/2 years since then… in all the time that he has been living in the White House.

   This means that Mr. Obama has hardly ever even attended anything that conservative Christian Bible-believers would construe as "a real church service" in his entire life. No wonder he still looks at the world with the deceived perspective that he got through his youthful indoctrination in Hawaii… where he was raised to be a Unitarian Universalist, just like his white mother and his white grandparents.

   And his Unitarian Universalist professors at Harvard Law School (plus the Marxist professors there), almost certainly did nothing but reinforce his lifelong faith in socialism, Marxism, and the cultic "theology" of the Unitarian Universalists! Rev. Jeremiah Wright would scarcely have been "equipped" to help Mr. Obama "snap out of" the hypnotic "spell" of the Unitarian Universalist cult to which he had belonged for years while growing up in Hawaii!

   Hopefully, any persons reading this material who have been doubting the truthfulness of black pastor (and Bible-believing Christian) Rev. Don Hamer, or questioning the validity of Rev. Hamer's public statements (which he has forthrightly expressed for several years already as the official representative of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission) will now finally start to understand that Rev. Don Hamer is exactly correct when he has been so long offering to you his "Seven Reasons Why Barack Obama Is Not A Christian."

   The rather obvious conclusion that all of us must reasonably draw, as Bible-believing conservative Christians, is that Mr. Barack Obama even today posseses very little of a Christian perspective on life... and has to a far greater extent kept that of the Unitarian Universalist indoctrination which he received in his youth.

   Just saying you are "a Christian" once or twice during a 2008 political campaign isn't quite enough to TOTALLY convince the majority-Christian population of the U.S., however. Some of us are still inclined to look a little deeper than campaign remarks that may be self-serving rather than sincere. Well, maybe not the liberal pastor Rev. Rick Warren, but SOME of us, at least, needed to see some Christian policies resulting from that ambitious self-declaration.

   A few casual words spoken aloud in order to gain political popularity is not quite enough, you see.

   Instead, you have to show Bible-believing Christians that you are "producing good fruit," that you are displaying in your own life "the fruit of the Spirit" (that's the Holy Spirit, a Person in the Divine Trinity of Christians... something that the Unitarians and the Unitarian Universalists say doesn't even exist). And you have to show, most importantly, that your own mind is in agreement with Triune YHWH God's Holy Scriptures... the unchangeable and inerrant Word of God.

   We certainly haven't seen any agreement with the Holy Scriptures of the Bible in the presidential actions, policies, and public statements of Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. But then, there wouldn't be any such agreement with the Word of God as found in the Holy Scriptures of the Christian Bible, of course... if Mr. Obama has maintained a status as any one of the following four possibilities:

   1) if he has basically remained a Unitarian Universalist at heart, 2) if he has basically remained a "black liberation theology" advocate at heart (supporting Marxist-style socialism), 3) if he has basically remained a Marxism-admiring socialist at heart (because Marxism is inherently anti-supernatural, anti-God, and anti-Christian), or 4) if he has basically remained a secular humanist and an Evolutionist at heart (because Evolutionism is a false religion that also opposes the Bible-based faith of any Christian).



   For nine months following the re-election of Mr. BHO and Team Obama to their positions of power over the citizenry of the US, this website has issued no comment-- nor has it printed or reprinted any editorial words concerning the matter-- as any kind of response to the astounding 2012 electoral victory of the devilish "Democratic" Party of the USA.

   Frankly, we were left in a state of shell-shock after the unhappy victory of the devilish Democrats and the re-election of their radical-revolutionary champion, the notably anti-Christian, anti-Bible leader who now reigns over the entire population of the U.S.

   In an obvious state of shell-shock and of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, many Christians, a few Catholics, and a lot of Independents and Republicans have taken quite a while to stand up on their feet again. It was, after all, seemingly the permanent end of a once-great Christian America that came about when Mr. Obama and the Socialist Democrat Party got itself re-elected for another 4 years of supreme (and virtually uncontested) power over the citizenry of the United States.

   But today, just a few weeks after Rev. Dr. Billy Graham (at age 94!) has sent out his July 2013 "My Heart Aches For America" letter to the churches of the USA, we will attempt to do so… right here, right now. It has already been a great many weeks since Rev. Franklin Graham spoke out forthrightly and openly accused Mr. Obama (and this nation as well) of "shaking his fist at God" in utter defiance of the Absolute Truth that is to be found in the Holy Scriptures of our Christian Bible.

   Here is our own view on the current State of the Union: It is becoming increasingly clear that the US population is about to plunge headlong (and certainly at a very rapid rate of descent) into a "dark age" of atheism, humanism, and sexual immorality. With the herd instinct of a multitude of lemmings, the Obamabots and all the supporters of the Democrat Party are marching tirelessly toward the cliff's edge… and when all those lemmings start to fall off the cliff, plunging down into the bottomless chasm below… they are going to pull the entire US population down with them!

   Will the Humanism, Evolutionism, and Utopianism of the devilish Democrat Party of the US ultimately bring about the downfall of a once-great, once-Christian America…? Will the Democratic Party's support for government-funded abortions, for sexual immorality, for Hollywood-style liberalism, for socialism and even for Communism… completely devastate this nation? Will the Democrats through Mr. Obama ultimately bring about a "fundamental transformation" of the USA into a nation that is no better than hell-on-Earth for all the Bible-believers that remain within it, those who somehow survive the coming persecution of "absolute truth" believers…?

   This seems ALL TOO LIKELY. We're not sure how things can be turned around, at this particular point in time. The total collapse of the US economy, and even a possible invasion of the US by the hostile armies of Muslim nations and/or Marxist Communist nations, is a scenario that seems all too easy to imagine at this point in time.

   We used to think that the decline of Christianity in the US all got started in the 1960's, with the rise of liberal Democrats and their ascent to power-- those radical and revolutionary Democrats who opposed the Bible and all the Christian traditions of the US… those evolutionary-humanist Democrats whose Supreme Court legal decisions started to destroy the foundations of a traditionally Christian US. Those God-forsaking and tradition-opposing Democrats had gotten the ball rolling, toward the destruction of the US. And those Democrats… they were certainly the Demolition Crew workers that were aiming their giant crane's wrecking-ball at a Time-Honored Building that was the traditional and peaceful home of Christian Americans…!

   But lately we've been thinking that the decline of US Bible-belief into the current state of massive apostasy and heresy has been going on for a lot longer than that. In actual fact, the decline of the US into a state of liberal humanism, of heresy and apostasy, has been long underway… ever since the days of President John Adams (2nd president of the US), and since the days in the lifetime of his son, President John Quincy Adams (6th president of the US)

   So it turns out that we were only 98% correct when we were thinking that way, thinking all those negative thoughts about the Democrat Party of the USA. It turns out that the liberal humanists and the liberal Unitarians had already gotten the ball rolling toward the destruction of the US, way back in the 1700's and early 1800's… even before the death of the 2nd President of the US (John Adams) had ever occurred.

   Did you know that President John Adams was a lifelong member of a church that, before the day he died, became one of the very first "Unitarian" congregations in the United States…? Did you know that these "Unitarians" rejected the idea of a Triune God (the Divine Trinity of God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit), and believed that Jesus Christ was neither God nor an incarnation of God The Son…?

   Did you know that President John Quincy Adams, the son of our 2nd President, had rejected his father's Unitarian beliefs and for a great many years became a lifelong Bible-believer and Trinitarian… but then in the latter years of his life reverted to apostate Unitarianism…? He was on the right track for most of his lifetime, but in his last years of life, ex-President John Quincy Adams became, just like his father, an apostate and heretical Unitarian…

   Did you know that the Unitarian congregations of the US ultimately merged with Universalist congregations to become a non-Christian cult called the "Unitarian Universalists"…? Did you know that Horace Mann, the initial founder and designer of the US public school system… was another of these humanism-promoting Unitarians?

   And that John Dewey, whose false religion of "Humanism" caused him to write "The Humanist Manifesto" in the early 1930's, was the second major force in shaping the educational "philosophy" (namely, Humanism) that dominates the thinking of all public schools of the US in the year 2013…?

   And that Dewey liked Evolutionism, Marxist Communism, and Socialism a lot better than he ever liked capitalism or the Bible or Christianity… just like another public figure of 2013 who may suddenly come to mind…?

   For many decades, informed Christians have been taught in the seminaries of the US that the Unitarian Universalists cult is "a non-Christian cult" and that it should NOT be considered a Christian "church" or "a Christian denomination" of any sort. Rather, it should be regarded as a heretical cult (non-Biblical and non-Christian in every way), in much the same manner that the Jehovah's Witnesses cult and the Mormon cult should NEVER be regarded as "Christian" or as "a church" or as "a denomination."

   Unitarian Universalists are basically just the same as Secular Humanists. They don't believe the Bible is true in matters of history or science; they don't believe in supernatural miracles. They don't believe Jesus Christ was born of a virgin or that He was the Only Begotten Son of God. They don't believe there is a Triune God. They don't believe there's any such thing as Hell, nor is there any Devil or Satan to be concerned about. They insist that you don't need to be a Bible-believing Christian or a Bible-believing Jew to get to Heaven when you die. That is, of course, assuming that any Heaven exists at all. They regard the Bible as only a collection of ancient myths and stories, nothing more.

   According to the Unitarian Universalists, you can easily reach God and Heaven without believing in Jesus; in fact, they are certain you can simply remain a Hindu, a Buddhist, or a Muslim… and still, people will always go to God and Heaven when they die. They are quite sure that, if there is a Heaven at all, then EVERYONE must have their spirits go there at the moment of earthly death.

   Does this sound a little bit apostate or heretical to you, by any chance…? Does it by any chance remind you of the thought-patterns of someone famous that you've read a lot about in various news articles lately…?

   Okay, here's another fact that is also a little hint that may help you along: Harvard University, the first university ever to be established in the US (preceding even the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA), was initially established to be a training ground for Christian pastors, but Harvard has descended into such apostasy and heresy that it is now reputed to be FULL of Unitarian Universalist professors...

   Who may just possibly have reinforced the Unitarian Universalist mindset and thinking of a certain Political Power Player we've all been hearing a lot about. A person who was raised up in Hawaii by his Unitarian Universalist mother and grandparents to believe all the "truths" taught by his Hawaiian congregation of Unitarian Universalists… all of whom were likely political leftists and socialists as well, one may reasonably speculate.

   Could such a youthful background-history, the reality of his indoctrination into Unitarian Universalist thinking, have somehow pursuaded young Barry to have a massive and ever-forgiving "love" for Islam… and for his many Muslim Communist relatives that were living all over the nation of Kenya on the far-away continent of Africa…?

   Could the radical liberalism of his Unitarian Universalist upbringing have resulted in a Harvard Law School graduate who eventually wanted to join the super-liberal church of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, one who is a proponent of what's called "black liberation theology" (meaning that he supports socialism and/or Marxist Communism as the best solution to the ills of our modern world and the black community… rather than the prescription that the Holy Bible gives us in the Holy Word of the Triune Father God YHWH of ancient Israel, and in His Only Begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ).

   Could a Unitarian Universalist background have anything to do with the YouTube video that shows BHO behind the pulpit of a church (prior to 2008) and speaking to a congregation as he, at the very same time, stands there in the public eye and openly mocks the Holy Scripture of the Old Testament…? Or with him telling an interviewer in an early 2007 interview that he just couldn't imagine God ever sending large numbers of people to Hell…?

   Or with President BHO seeming to be far more supportive of the Islamic world than he is of traditional Western Christianity…? Many Bible-believing pastors, all across the USA, have in recent years been starting to declare that Mr. Obama is surely "the most anti-Christian president" ever to hold office in the history of this nation. Rev. Ken Graves in the state of Maine is just one such pastor, and there have been a great many more to bravely come forward and do so.

   No wonder then that even the 94-years-old Rev. Dr. Billy Graham declares in July of 2013 that "my heart aches for America." The USA is rapidly falling into a bottomless chasm of atheism, of apostasy, of heresy, of humanism, and of evolutionism. But the liberal revolutionaries, supported by an army of Obamabots, remain certain even so that they will soon take the US into the "worker's paradise" of a Marxist Communist utopia…!

   Mind-boggling. When Bible-believing Christians saw the re-election victory of Mr. Obama and Team Obama in Nov. 2012, many of them felt a lot like Rev. Richard Wurmbrand must have felt many decades before as he watched helplessly, full of dismay, while the Marxist Communists seized control of his native Romania.

   The late Hilmar Von Campe (who in his youth was a German soldier in Hitler's Nazi army) wrote in many editorials on his own web-site, prior to his demise, that he greatly feared what he saw happening in the USA. Von Campe declared publically that the way the US public was giving adulation and power to BHO very much reminded him of what had happened in Nazi Germany as the German people witnessed Hitler's sudden rise to a position of absolute power.

   But lately we've been thinking that the decline of US Bible-belief into the current state of massive apostasy and heresy has been going on for a lot longer than we originally thought. It didn't just get started suddenly in the 1960's with the increased influence of the devilish Democratic Party.

   In actual fact, the decline of the US into a state of liberal humanism, of heresy and apostasy, has been long underway… ever since the days of President John Adams (2nd president of the US), and since the days in the lifetime of his son, President John Quincy Adams (6th president of the US).



   Is it possible that the heresy of "Liberal Christianity," together with the atheistic Humanists' old fantasy of a "Progressive" USA, is the very thing that has allowed the "fundamental transformation" regime of Mr. Barack Hussein Obama and his socialist Team Obama to appear… to so quickly rise up, to rapidly overwhelm our society, and gain ultimate power over the US population...?

   Has "liberal Christianity," as heretical as it is, somehow been responsible for the rise of the radical revolutionaries and the multitude of socialist Obamabots who have now seized control of the "Democratic" Party…? This multitude of radical Democrats has contrived to bring about the election (twice!) of Mr. Obama and his socialistic Democrat comrades…!

   And since we don't want to pin all the blame only on merely one man (Mr. O), we should mention here that EVERY ONE of the Democrat senators of the US Senate who voted for the communist health-care takeover that they named "Obamacare" have utterly betrayed, in the most criminal fashion imaginable, the trust of the US citizenry who elected them to office.

   The Democrat senators of the US Senate (and that is to say, EVERY single Democrat senator in the US Senate), on that most lamentable of all days in the history of US government… rapidly passed the new communist health-care takeover plan without even reading the countless pages of the new health-care laws they were creating!

   Do you know that the secretly-constructed new laws of the Obamacare package that Democrat senators (and ONLY Democrat senators) quickly proceeded to approve, endorse, and "legalize"… prints out as a stack of papers that reaches from the floor to a height higher than that of a 6-foot-tall human being…?

   The Obamacare laws that these treasonous Democrat senators "legalized" without even reading it equals the amount of wordage that one could find in three and one-half King James Version English Bibles placed side-by-side…!

   Has "liberal theology" in the pulpits of America been assisting in a takeover by the internal socialists and Communists of the USA, who have long wished to seize control of the US… lifting them all up to positions of supreme power…? And have even gotten them a position of limitless power in the Executive Branch of the government of the USA…?

   Sadly, this is ALL TOO POSSIBLE.

   Some of us, including even this reporter, have spent the last 26 years EXTREMELY UPSET about the way Protestant Christian pastors have failed to speak forthrightly from the pulpits of America's churches about the extreme danger to Christians' safety that a Marxist takeover would mean for the USA. (There are only 2 exceptions that come easily to mind-- Rev. John A. Stormer and Rev. Richard Wurmbrand.) Nor have the pastors of America ever warned Christian church congregations with any public messages delivered to properly inform people about the potential nightmare of an Islamic takeover… or even of the danger presented to Christians in a hostile invasion by Marxist and/or Islamic nations.

   Are all these pastors living in la-la land, like the liberal Democrats of Hollywood, L.A., NYC, and Washington, D.C.? Do they live with their heads continuously stuck in a hole in the ground (more like an ostrich than a sheep, one should think), so that they just aren't at all conscious of the many wolves that currently surround us "in a sheep's clothing"…? Are they just plain stupid… is that it?

   No, it's far more likely that these ever-silent pastors have themselves been indoctrinated in seminaries and elsewhere with what most people call "liberal theology" and Evolutionism… and with what we ourselves prefer to call "Christian utopianism."

   The Jewish conservative lawyer/author Mark R. Levin has recently written a nicely informative book that he calls "Ameritopia," in which he (correctly) accuses the Democrat Party of a ridiculous utopianism. He's certainly right about that.

   But what not everybody realizes is that there are other variations of utopianism which are equally as dangerous as that of the USA's "Democratic" Party. Specifically, this reporter will suggest to you that there are at least three other forms of utopianism that are certainly as dangerous as that version which we may call "Democrat Party utopianism."

   In fact, these other three varieties of utopianism have virtually created today's modern "Democratic Party"… and likewise a bunch of radical liberal presidents. Namely, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and also, of course, the final epitome of radical liberal presidents-- Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.

   These 3 varieties of utopianism, all of them foundational to the anti-Christian religion of Liberalism, can be found listed below:

   1) Evolutionist Utopianism.

   2) Marxist-Communist Utopianism.

   3) "Christian" Utopianism.

   It may bear mentioning here that even the supremacist religion called Islam, despite all its calls for violence, for a worldwide jihad, for an unending warfare against all non-Muslims… is likewise at least somewhat utopian. As was the National Socialist movement of Nazi Germany.

   [This ends the post of PART ONE, PART TWO, and PART THREE. PART FOUR, with more about Unitarian Universalism, more about "liberal Christianity," more about Utopianism and heretical Liberalism, will-- if it gets written-- be posted on this site at some later date.]



Update of August 11, 2012:

   My prayer for the USA in these last months of 2012:

   In 2012, let us see Bible-believing Christians, Catholics & Jews (& a lot of Mormons too) uniting against Democrat tyranny for the sake of liberty and the rescue of America. In 2012, let former Democrat voters cease being deceived by the atheistic radicals, atheistic socialists, & atheistic Marxist Communists who have dominated their political party (and the mainstream news media) ever since the 1960's. Let lots of awakened Democrats & Independents, filled with revulsion and disgust by the atheistic & Marxist antics of the Democratic Party, choose to vote only for Republicans on Nov. 6.

   This time, in Nov. 2012, let the USA's people definitively SAY NO TO THE DOMINEERING DEMOCRATS & THEIR DICTATORIAL KING OBAMA. Triune Lord God YHWH, let our nation's people repent of all such Godlessness, of all such Satanic subversion of the US Constitution & the current sedition carried out by radical liberals and atheistic Democrats who currently control the Democrats' Party... and let the USA be turned around before it's too late. Let the USA be "fundamentally de-transformed" from this attempted Marxist takeover, and let the USA be returned to our God-given freedoms & a Bible-based culture before the Triune YHWH God's judgments start coming down upon the USA.

   No more of this atheistic "fundamental transformation" of the US into a statist Tyranny.

   No more totalitarian statism dominating & persecuting Bible-believers in the US.

   No more Democrat tyranny over the US government & our people. Their atheistic liberal "utopia" will never exist here... and it's not what we need or want!

   No more of their Liberal Fascism!

   No more open invitations to Marxist nations & Islamic nations which now desire to invade & seize control of a Democrats-weakened USA.

   No more will we be slaves for Caesar. We'll reclaim our God-birthed freedom, before Democrats can bring utter disaster upon the US in the year 2013. Or else, their last big repercussion on the US will be that their Machiavellian machinations must bring the Triune YHWH God's final judgments upon an unrepentant population in the very near future.

   No more shall we allow a Marxist takeover of America to be engineered by atheistic Evolutionists. No more rejection of the Bible & the Bible's God. No more glorification of idolatry, of covetousness & of unrepentant immorality. No more empowerment of a Democratic Party that endorses paganism, taxpayer-financed abortions, sexual immorality & unrepentant sin at every level of society and government.

   No more tyrannical rule by atheists, Marxists, radicals & Democrats in our freedom-loving USA. May the socialist radicals, the atheistic Marxists & the Islamic supremacists lose completely their grip on the USA. Let them also lose their long-held grip on Britain & Europe, on Australia & New Zealand, on Canada & any other part of the Western world. Amen; let it be so.

   No more shall the USA be ruled by Bible-hating atheists, humanists, Evolutionists... or by the self-centered idolatry and hedonism of "the New Paganism" that has recently manifested itself in the US.

   May the YHWH God of the Holy Bible be our Lord and King again; let this be a Bible-based country again; let His Commandments and laws no longer be mocked by an unrepentant America; and let the Bible-believers of the US all say "Amen."

   And let the Bible-believing Christians & Catholics & Messianic Jews cry out with certainty on Nov. 6 2012... these ambitious & determined words:

   "No second term for the Democrats' King Obama. No king but Jesus for us in 2013! No King but Jesus henceforth in the USA!"

   I pray all this in the Holy Name of Jesus/Yeshua, my Savior and Lord and my ONLY King. In His Holy Name I ask this. Amen.

            -- prayer written by Ken Street on Aug. 11, 2012, for posting on all Street Tracts & Jesus Info sites
         "Christians, Silence Is Not An Option"
         Christian lawyer Matt Barber, a WND columnist, calls upon all pastors to confront assaults on culture and the Christian faith.

         written by Matt Barber, who wishes this message copied & sent to many Christian pastors all over the USA
         (Matt Barber is an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. He serves as vice president of Liberty Counsel Action.)

   With the exception of one column previously penned, I pray this becomes my most widely read to date.

   The secular left has mastered use of the Internet to further its extremist goals. In fact, President Obama’s web-based “Organizing for America” propaganda machine may have given him the 2008 election.

   Let’s beat them at their own game.

   To that end, I have a strange request. I’m asking each God-fearing, freedom-loving American who reads this column to forward it, post it, tweet it, print it out and give it to every pastor, priest or cleric you know. If you don’t know any, give it to someone who does.

   Why? I agree with Barack Obama that November 2012 represents the most important election of our lifetimes – perhaps our history. Of course, that’s where my agreement with Mr. Obama both begins and abruptly ends.

   Here’s the operable question: Do we want America “fundamentally transformed” to mirror the secular-socialist ideals of the radical leftist currently “occupying” the White House?

   In Barack Obama’s America, individual freedom is trampled beneath jackboots as a matter of course. It’s already happening at an unprecedented rate.

   One need only look to the HHS mandate forcing Christian groups – both Catholic and Protestant – to violate, under penalty of law, biblical prohibitions against abortion homicide.

   Or consider recent attempts by multiple elected officials, all Democrats, to shutdown Chick-fil-A – a private, Christian-owned business – simply because its leadership holds the biblical view of marriage.

   Is this George Washington’s America, or Joseph Stalin’s Russia?

   It’s definitely not your father’s USA.

   Instead, wouldn’t we prefer the America envisioned by our Founding Fathers? A constitutional republic wherein individual liberty – whether economic, First Amendment or Second Amendment-related – is sacrosanct and off limits?

   Pastors, you’re it. You’re our front line of defense. It’s up to you to rally the troops. Now begins the second American Revolution and, as with the first, it’s on you – men of the cloth – to take the lead.

   That is, if you hope to remain free to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

   Speaking of chicken: In recent years there’s been an epidemic of cultural inaction exhibited by far too many ministers of the gospel. It’s fear-based. “Oh, I don’t talk about political issues,” they say. “You know, ‘separation of Church and State’ and all that.”


   If this is you – and only you and our Lord know for sure – you’ve been deceived by the enemies of God. You’ve chosen the easy way out – the path of least resistance. This is something Christ, whom all Christians are called to emulate, never did – not once.

   So, respectfully, man-up, Padre! Be the “salt and light of the world,” as Christ so admonished.

   But you don’t have to go it alone. There are detailed, easily digestible tools available. Civil-rights firm Liberty Counsel, for instance, is distributing more than 100,000 copies of “Silence is Not an Option,” a concise, though comprehensive, DVD and printed material collection informing pastors and churches about what is permissible regarding political activity (Please, get it for your church at or by calling 1-800-671-1776).

   “The church must be empowered to confront the assaults on our culture, our faith, and our freedom,” said Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel. ”I don’t want any pastor, church leader or lay person to say, ‘What more could I have done to protect life and liberty?’”

   “Silencing people of faith in the public square has always been the goal of those who realize the influence that pastors, churches and people of faith have on elections. I want pastors to remove the muzzle and replace it with a megaphone,” he said. “Pastors and churches have a lot of freedom to address biblical and moral issues, to educate people about the candidates, and to encourage people to vote. Not one church has ever lost its tax-exemption for endorsing or opposing candidates or for supporting or opposing local, state or federal laws.”

   Did you get that? Despite hundreds of thousands of threatening letters sent by hard-left groups like the ACLU and Barry Lynn’s Americans United, not a single church has lost tax-exemption for socio-political activity – zip, zero, nada. Not even for endorsing candidates from the pulpit.

   Indeed, if these anti-Christian bullies had been around two-and-a-half centuries ago, and our forefathers had paid them any mind, we may never have had the first American Revolution.

   Don’t let them halt the second.

   We’re on the precipice of the abyss, and, pastors, I think you know it. But know this too: There’s a whole lot relating to both culture and politics you can both say and do, and very little – if anything – you can’t.

   Churches can educate about political, moral and biblical issues. These kinds of issues – whether abortion, marriage, feeding the poor or any community issue – are never off limits from the pastor’s pulpit, even if politicians are also talking about them. “Silence is Not an Option” systematically addresses the misrepresentations used to muzzle America’s pastors and Christian leaders.

   Leading up to Ronald Reagan’s landslide presidential victory in 1980, Rev. Jerry Falwell captured the crux of the church’s apathy problem: “What is wrong in America today?” he asked. “We preachers – and there are 340,000 of us who pastor churches – we hold the nation in our hand. And I say this to every preacher: We are going to stand accountable before God if we do not stand up and be counted.”

   Dr. Falwell’s words ring no less true today.

   Imagine the benefit to our culture if thousands of churches across America registered millions of Christians to vote. How about pledge-drives wherein pastors ask tens-of-millions of Christians to simply commit to voting biblical values?

   The possibilities are limitless.

   Proverbs 4:18 reminds us: “The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.”

   Shine bright, salt and light. Don’t be choked into dark silence.

   Because silence is not an option.

   It can’t be.

         -- posted on the internet by Matt Barber (through WND publication), aiming for massive distribution, on Aug. 10, 2012